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what is next

Through failure, flaws and unfortunate circumstances, a journey through life and business was changed with those three words spoken to a championship lacrosse team. This is a story of lessons learned through the hardships of over fifteen years in business, entrepreneurship, strained relationships, mental health struggles, grief and mountains of debt and a new outlook for a brighter, positive future. Goals and dreams don't have to come at such a high price if we take each step as it comes, always asking "What is Next"!

21 Mindset Challenges for Unlocking Your Maximal Potential: Tactics to Forge an Unbeatable Mind

The reality is that human potential is nearly limitless if you hone your body and mind to perform at its very best. This is no secret, but more the regimented practice and progression of those who are disciplined and determined enough to accomplish something incredibly difficult. We all have the ability within us to unlock more than we are currently capable of. This book is the roadmap to doing so.


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